Modern Living Room With Big Windows

Secondary Glazing

Our secondary glazing range is an ideal solution for listed properties and homes within conservation areas. Where replacement windows are not a viable option, secondary glazing provides all the thermal and acoustic benefits you’d expect from a 21st century window system.

Our entire suite of secondary glazing products is made to measure and feature a sleek, unobtrusive aluminium profile that is built to last. Whether it’s for a modern townhouse or quaint period cottage, our product range is manufactured to the highest quality and can be made to suit any existing décor.

Improving the thermal and acoustic performance of your property shouldn’t negatively impact the character of your home. That’s why the entire range of bespoke secondary glazing products are manufactured with durable, slimline aluminium frames that accentuate the stylings of the existing window.

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Home Study With Large Window And Bookshelves

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Living Room With Black Frame French Windows

Hinged Unit

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Living Room With Black Window Frames

Bespoke and Arched Units

Why Choose Secondary Glazing?

Quite simply, homeowners choose secondary glazed windows because they’re quiet, warm and secure. These three features are the bedrock of the unique secondary glazing system and are the reason why so many homeowners are adopting secondary glazing.

Noise Reduction

From a sound insulation perspective, secondary glazing offers the most effective levels of noise reduction on today’s market, significantly outperforming all other glass solutions.

Thermal Insulation

If draughty windows are of bigger concern for your property, secondary glazing adds an extra layer of defence to guard your home against heat loss.

Enhanced Security

If security is your priority, secondary glazing offers a unique, additional deterrent to any would-be intruders. Unlike traditional windows, secondary glazing is incredibly difficult to open from the outside and creates a further layer of defence against forced entry.


Types of Glazing Options


The tried and trusted option is able to accommodate 4mm glazing and come fully equipped with slimline, durable frames that allows for exceptional style, functionality and performance.


With ultra-strong aluminium frames that support up to 10.8mm glass for enhanced noise reduction and thermal insulation, this improvement in performance comes at no expense of style, as the enhanced frames are super-sleek for superior, unobtrusive aesthetics.