Increasing Energy Efficiency with Aluminium Double Glazing

Saving money

Double glazed windows increase the insulation of your property enormously, helping save money on expensive heating bills. Almost a third of heat loss in properties occurs through windows and doors, meaning insulating your window areas can help keep heat inside and save on heating bills. You’ll notice immediate savings on your heating after installing double glazing, making aluminium double glazed windows and aluminium double glazed doors a worthwhile investment.

Saving the environment

As we all become more environmentally aware, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of the construction materials we use on our homes and properties. Not only is the aluminium we use completely recyclable, meaning it won’t fill up landfill, but the energy savings you make through the increased insulation of our windows will help decrease your carbon footprint. In an age where fossil fuels are running out and we become more conscious of our impact on the planet, installing aluminium double-glazed windows is an easy way to reduce your everyday effect on the environment.

How does aluminium help energy efficiency?

So, you’ve found out how double glazing can help improve energy efficiency. But why did we choose aluminium to increase the thermal efficiency of our window framings? With aluminium, we can construct our window frames to the highest degree of precision, ensuring the window fits together perfectly without any small gaps or loose joints that might allow for heat to escape. Our aluminium windows are manufactured here in the UK, so that we can ensure the best quality possible and optimise factors such as effectiveness of insulation. Our superb craftsmanship gives all of our windows A rated energy efficiency, meaning you receive superb energy savings. In addition to this, having our windows manufactured in the UK reduces the carbon footprint of the windows through needing minimal transportation, further improving the environmental friendliness of our products.

Not just windows

In addition to our aluminium double glazed windows, our aluminium doors offer the same quality construction, security and efficient double glazing. We offer exterior and interior doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors and more, so that you can enjoy energy efficiency without compromising on the style and character you want in your home.

If you have questions about aluminium double glazing in our windows and doors, call us today on 0800 840 1508 to receive advice on our products.