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How Ancillaries Can Transform Your Windows

No window is truly complete without functional, stylish and considered ancillaries. At the Heritage Window Company, we make our own ancillaries to complement our bespoke window designs – so you can match your colour options with a range of stunning and appropriate designs. If you’ve never considered bespoke ancillaries for your windows, need your windows […]


Are Vinyl Windows Better than Aluminium?

As two of the most common types of window on the marketplace today, many people searching for new windows wonder whether vinyl or aluminium windows are the better choice for their property. Read on to discover the advantages and disadvantages of each material and choose for yourself which will better suit your needs.

Which Material is Best for Windows?

A variety of materials are used today for window frames, from traditional wood to modern uPVC and aluminium, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Find out what the best window frame option is for you by reading on.


How Much is an Aluminium Window?

Just how much is an aluminium window? Aluminium windows can vary hugely in price, from around £600 for a basic aluminium window to several thousand pounds for speciality curved windows and windows fitted to heritage properties.


Who Makes the Best Windows for Heritage Homes?

At Heritage Windows, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality windows possible for heritage properties in homes. We do this through an extensive process that ensures we are providing a bespoke solution that will maintain the original character of your home whilst providing our excellent engineering to your windows. Read on to find out […]

What is Better: Aluminium or uPVC Windows?

What is Better: Aluminium or uPVC Windows? Aluminium windows offer advantages over uPVC windows in almost every area. From environmental considerations to longevity of use, aluminium windows are the superior option for those looking to outfit their home with new or renovated windows. Read on to find out more.