Why Aluminium Windows Offer the Best Cost Effectiveness

Fitted custom aluminium window example

Upfront cost

Aluminium can offer great value up front, with our expert craftsmanship and efficient installation available at competitive pricing. All of our aluminium windows are manufactured in the UK using the best of British engineering, so even at our fantastic pricing you can be sure you’re getting good value and quality. For our reliable builds, as well as information on how we can help fit your windows to suit the character of your property, check out our aluminium windows options.

Medium-term cost

Our windows offer fantastic thermal efficiency to help reduce heating bills, with all our aluminium windows receiving A-rated energy efficiency. You’ll notice a difference in your building’s insulation and the heating output you need to keep your building warm, which can ultimately save on heating bills. Built to the highest standards, our windows feature double glazing and precise construction to minimise heat loss.

Long-term cost

In addition to providing great upfront prices, our aluminium windows also provide great value through their long-term usability. Whilst other popular window frame materials like uPVC can degrade within 20 years, aluminium offers more than double this life expectancy. This will save you money in the long term on maintenance repairs and window replacements. Other materials traditionally used in heritage windows, such as wood, can warp from damp and changes in temperature, causing damage over time and leading to costly replacements. Using aluminium windows can not only offer you a better price than alternative window materials when you purchase, but can also save you money in the long term.

For more information on our aluminium windows range and how we can help offer you great value, call us on 0800 840 1508