Ways to Reduce Condensation in Your Home

Luckily, this is a damp problem that can be easily fixed. Here are some ways to reduce condensation.

Insulate Your Home

You should ensure that your home is energy efficient by insulating walls and installing double glazed windows so that heat has less chance to escape. Loft insulation and draft proofing will also keep surface temperatures at a higher level.

Adequate Ventilation

Even breathing can cause condensation to occur. Four people living in a three bedroom property can create up to 112 pints of moisture every week from their daily activities. So, if you use a room regularly when the weather outside is warm, open windows to encourage ventilation.

Heating Your Home

Heating plays an important role in the prevention of condensation. By keeping the temperature of internal surfaces at a fairly consistent level, your home will be less likely to develop condensation. Set your heating to come on at the same time and at the same temperature every day. Of course, this can differ depending on the season, but consistency is key.

Prevent Excess Moisture

Cooking, having a shower, using a washing machine and even boiling the kettle can all cause moisture to enter the air. To combat this, adequate ventilation is required. When cooking, cover pans with lids and use an extractor fan to remove excess moisture that has collected in the air. Where possible, dry clothes outside rather than using a tumble dryer and shut your bathroom door when showering to stop moisture creeping into colder rooms.

Don’t Overfill Spaces

If you’re someone who is prone to cramming clothing into wardrobes and overfilling your kitchen cupboards, this may be a major cause of your condensation problem. Air that is trapped in these small spaces becomes the ideal breeding ground for mould, If you’ve ever noticed a musty smell to your clothes, this might be why. For the same reason, keep your furniture around 50mm away from walls and doors so that air can circulate around the room.

Regularly Clear Windows

Clearing windows of condensation is a short-term solution that will help to prevent any build-up of mould. This is easily done with a towel, tissue or a window squeegee. A professional window vacuum can also help you to do this quicker and easier. Our aluminium windows are easy to clean and are made of modern materials that help prevent condensation and mould.

Disclaimer: While the installation of double glazed windows and doors may assist in reducing condensation, they will not prevent it.