The Heritage Window Company

We are specialists in slimline aluminium windows and doors, replacement of steel windows (including Crittall® windows*) and aluminium windows in a variety of colours.

Retain the distinctive charm of your steel windows with aluminium double glazing from The Heritage Window Company. All windows are designed and built here in the UK and we are very proud to promote British engineering and quality throughout our products.

We handcraft each of our aluminium windows right here in the UK, providing exceptional quality to the market. Our conservation range is purposely designed to replace traditional steel windows and to adhere to the aesthetic properties of traditional and listed buildings.

The latest steel window replacements (including Crittall® windows*) fit perfectly into your original timber frames, or direct to brick and stone, providing the performance of modern double glazing whilst maintaining the period character of your home.

*Crittall® is a registered trademark of Crittall Windows Limited which is unconnected to The Heritage Window Company Limited.
**An "A" rated product or certain "U" value is subject to DGU performance and type of specialist sealant or glass and gas used.