Aluminium Doors Care

Aluminium doors, like any other household product require care and attention to guarantee a healthy lifespan. Here we will talk you through those all-important steps to keep your door in great condition for years to come.

How To Clean Aluminium Doors

Cleaning the frames of your aluminium doors should be a relatively quick job. In most cases you will need soap, water and a damp sponge or cloth unless you have been told to use a specific cleaning product by our team.

What To Avoid When Cleaning Aluminium

Although aluminium is durable it is advised against using cleaning solutions that include the below that may be abrasive:

  • Chlorine
  • Esters
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Ketones

If your frame has an anodised finish, as opposed to painted, you can use an ink rubber/eraser to remove stubborn marks.

Treating Scratches

Minor scuffs and marks can easily be removed with non-abrasive liquid cream or paraffin cleaner. For deeper scratches left on the surface of your aluminium frame, if the scratch goes past the finish layer into the raw material then oxidation will occur sealing the area and preventing more corrosion.

This type of scratch isn’t easily repaired even with a through paint job. Therefore it’s a case of living with the scratch and keeping in mind that it won’t impact the overall lifespan of the frame.

Maintaining Bi-Fold and Sliding Doors

Bi-fold and sliding doors require that bit extra TLC because of their additional mechanisms.

Their tracks and runners need to be kept in top condition so that they can function all year round. Remove stones and other debris when you spot them and try to hoover the track every month. It’s also advisable to spray the track with lubricant every so often to further boost the longevity of the unit.

Maintaining The Locking System

Our ironmongery locking systems are designed for long-term performance and as such don’t need much upkeep. An acid-free oil like K-40 can be used if moving parts start to seize up.

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