Exterior View of Patio Doors with Black Frame

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

Form meets function with our aluminium bi-folding doors – bi-fold doors of extreme durability and style, reminiscent of traditional heritage steel aesthetics and complete with double glazing and full customisability.

Available as bi-fold external doors, our doors offer the perfect combination of modern functionality and traditional looks.

We don’t just pride ourselves on the quality of our doors but also the quality of our service. If you think your home could benefit from stylish bi-folding doors, contact us for a free quote we’ll create a bespoke product made to fit your exact requirements. We’re proud to manufacture all our doors in the UK.

How aluminium bi-fold doors elevate a living space

All of our slimline aluminium bi-folding doors are designed and engineered in-house by our experienced team. With over 30 years of experience, our team has mastered the craft of designing bespoke doors that are made with your living spaces in mind.

They don’t just look great; they’re more functional too. Aluminium bi-fold doors boast superior glazing to traditional paned doors, boosting solar control and heat insulation with double-glazing as standard.

Thanks to their slim aluminium frames, our doors also have greater sightlines. This is perfect for those with garden-facing bi-fold doors who appreciate larger viewing angles, letting more outside light into your home.

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Take a look at our portfolio of bespoke bi-fold doors:

All our aluminium bi-fold doors are bespoke to your home, and they can be further customised with our huge range of ancillary and colour options. You can even match your aluminium doors to your windows with the same 200 RAL colour options to choose from.

Why choose bi-fold doors?

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Bi-fold doors for every home

Regardless of your preference or home specifications, we can make your bi-fold doors fit perfectly.

Choose from external bi-fold doors, bi-fold doors that more closely resemble folding French doors, doors with sliding mechanisms and more.

Exterior View of Patio Doors with Black Frame


Aluminium doors benefit from increased security due to advanced locking systems and improved durability. All our doors are PAS 24-tested, which is specially designed to assess how effectively a door will resist opportunistic burglars.

Aluminium doors leave you confident knowing that you and your family are safe.

Exterior View of Bungalow with Black Patio Doors

Energy efficiency

Aluminium double-glazing is more energy efficient thanks to its improved rates of insulation, keeping homes warmer for longer by reducing the amount of heat that escapes through your doors.

Energy efficiency and our shared environmental impact are important to us, which is why we make conscious efforts to make our products and business as eco-friendly as possible – benefitting the planet and lowering your energy bills.

Interior Dining Room With Surrounding Patio Doors

Bespoke service

We pride ourselves on our customer service, which is why we are delighted to receive so many positive testimonials from our loyal customers.

From inquiry to consultation, design and fitting – we make sure our service suits your wants and needs from start to finish.

If there’s a way we can help you more effectively, let us know.

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