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Heritage Aluminium Doors

Reminiscent of traditional steel stylings, aluminium doors are the premium option for homeowners who are looking to meet form and function with increased durability, insulation, security and customisability.

The Heritage Window Company offers bespoke doors in all manner of styles and shapes, made bespoke in-house by our talented team of designers and engineers.

Whether you need front doors, patio doors, bi-fold doors or slime-line and casement doors, we can provide stunning new doors to uplift your home and even match your window’s stylings or colourway.

Why choose The Heritage Window Company for your external aluminium doors?

With over three decades of experience in the industry, we’ve honed our skills in aluminium door design, construction, delivery and installation – followed by a trail of delighted customers and positive reviews.

All our doors are fitted with a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, protecting your new investment for peace of mind.

Our speciality with aluminium means there’s no shape we can’t fit, regardless of your home’s shape. Irregularly sized door frames, such as those found in heritage properties, are safe at home with us.

We’re committed to achieving excellence for our customers as well as lowering our impact on the environment. This is why all our products are constructed from aluminium that has been surface-mined from bauxite, a recyclable material. Our products are FSA-approved and all the timber we use in construction comes from sustainable sources.

Benefits of aluminium doors

Aluminium doors have a host of benefits over uPVC and timber alternatives.

Expect to enjoy the following from the moment we install your aluminium door:

  • Greater security – aluminium doors are more durable and come with multi-point locking systems for greater home security.
  • Uniquely your own – all aluminium doors are fully customisable, with optional ancillaries and over 200 RAL colour options.
  • Matched to your home – our aluminium doors can be matched in design and colour to your aluminium windows, making your whole home more considered in its aesthetic.
  • Save on heating – aluminium doors have high energy efficiency, keeping the heat in when you need it most.
  • Let the outside in – our aluminium bi-fold and patio doors boast the thinnest window frames on the market, granting superior viewing ranges.
  • Say goodbye to maintenancealuminium windows are more durable than uPVC and wood, meaning they’ll last far longer.

Bespoke design

Everything from consultation to installation is bespoke when you transform your home with The Heritage Window Company. We make sure your doors are uniquely yours, offering customer service that always goes above and beyond – regardless of the age or specifications of your home.

Every aspect of your aluminium doors can be customised, including the handles, lock finishes and matching internal door stops.

Our experienced engineers design all elements of our doors in-house, crafted to fit the dimensions of any door frame – perfect for period properties or irregular doorframe sizes.

You’ll receive the same innovations in our doors that feature in our market-leading windows, including double-glazing for superior insulation.

Secure your home with aluminium doors

Our aluminium doors come with durability and superior locks as standard, making our aluminium doors the logical choice for those prioritising home security.

We believe form must meet function, which is why our aluminium doors are both stylish and secure – replicating the aesthetic of traditional steel doors and matching their strength with sturdy design. Strong construction materials make for a natural deterrent for chance burglars, as they’re difficult to break down and boast more complex locking systems.

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