How Ancillaries Can Transform Your Windows

What ancillaries are available?

At The Heritage Window Company, we know that the devil is in the detail when it comes to perfecting the finishing touches on an installation. We offer a wide range of ancillaries, covering everything from door handles to hinges, peg stays and locks.

Door handles can be made bespoke, matching the design of your windows to over 200 RAL colour options.  Additionally, a door handle can be given a unique finish to add a splash of flare to a window.

A touch of brass, bronze or chrome can make an aluminium window pop with a flash of colour. Take a look at our aluminium window buying guide for more specification information.

Hinges can be modified to fit a range of operating styles, perfect for windows with unique shapes. Consider either matching or accented finishes for butt hinges or traditional external hinges – including easy-clean finishes for windows which are opened often.

Peg stays can be customised to fit the style of your property effortlessly, ranging from period to contemporary design characteristics.

If you’re unsure which style of hinge or handle you’d like on your home, get in touch.

Closeup of Window Handles in Various Colours

Contemporary or traditional?

Depending on your desired look, custom ancillaries can either seamlessly fit into your property’s aesthetic or add a unique charm to the face of your property.

For a modern look, inject a splash of personality with a coloured window or door handle that contrasts your aluminium window’s finish – such as red or bronze against a black frame.

If traditional is more your style, complete your window’s look by using a matching handle that fits with the shape or colour of your window. This will greatly increase the kerb appeal of your property, making it look sleek and considered.


Consider the details

Don’t forget about the little flashes that can be found in custom hinges and locks, showing little splashes of colour and detail which will complete the look of your windows and doors.

When opened, internal hinges with a distinct brushed metal finish will gleam beautifully on a sunny day, drawing attention to your windows.

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