Designing Windows and Doors for Summer-Ready Style

If you’ve been considering making your home more summer-ready, there are ways to create more summer-ready style even as the season is in full swing. The following summer home décor ideas can be incorporated fairly quickly, meaning you can enjoy more of the sunniest part of the year. Alternatively, plan them during the winter and make the most of next summer.

Invest in Bi-Folding Doors

Patio doors allow you to open your home up to the outdoors, but are typically quite limiting when it comes to access and sight lines. A single door with thick uPVC banding is the go-to choice, but by investing in aluminium bi-folding doors you can permit far more light to enter the home. This makes things more summer-ready, but the mechanism of opening the doors also allows you to fold them all the way back and create a large, spacious entryway into your home or garden. A delightful summer addition, but with the insulation properties to enjoy all year long.

Incorporate More Plants

Houseplants aren’t just beautiful – they’re also good for you. NASA once published a guide to air-filtering houseplants, which include the Spider Plant, Bamboo Palm, English Ivy, Peace Lily and more. Adding more houseplants during summer helps your home feel more natural and helps purify the air in your home, but you may need to pay closer attention to plants as a warmer internal temperature can make it harder to keep them alive.

Maximise Natural Light

Your windows are the gateways to the outdoors and in summer, this is more apparent than ever. Windows should offer as much natural light as possible, which we can help you achieve thanks to slimline aluminium windows that boast minimal sightlines – essentially boosting the available light entering your home.You could also consider adding a roof or sky lantern, which massively boosts natural light and makes your home feel completely different by essentially inviting the sky into your room. Installation requires a site visit by our team, who will assess your home and advise on the style and size of the roof lantern. No crossbars are needed for support, so natural light is maximised.

Redecorate For Summer

Redecorating for summer doesn’t require a huge amount of effort. As we mentioned, summer is all about natural light, so any decorating efforts are simply focused on boosting natural light. This can include repainting into lighter, brighter colours or adding mirrored surfaces to the home to bounce natural light around. You can also go even simpler – just taking down curtains and keeping only blinds adds an extra degree of light into a room.

Of course, you can always add a few of these touches to your home this summer and then plan in the rest of the work ahead of next summer. Whether you want to commence work as soon as possible or work through the winter, contact The Heritage Window company today for a free quote.