Why Coloured uPVC Windows Don’t Last


First and foremost it’s important to address the fact that uPVC is made of plastic. Despite many manufacturers claiming that uPVC is recycled or recyclable, ultimately like all plastics it will degrade over time and be sent to landfill. Plastic is not infinitely recyclable, and during the manufacturing stage it also emits hazardous fumes and uses non-sustainable materials such as oil.

Aluminium, on the other hand, is infinitely recyclable and does not emit the same fumes during manufacture. As such, it offers a more eco-friendly alternative for environmentally-conscious homes.


Coloured uPVC windows may look beautiful – but they can degrade fairly quickly. A National Building Federation report estimated that modern uPVC windows offer a life expectancy of 20-25 years. Aluminium windows can last for between 40-45 years – securing your house for longer and keeping maintenance to a minimum.


Coloured uPVC allows you to match certain design elements of your home – but you can also achieve a wide variety of colour options with aluminium window frames. Due to the high tensile strength of aluminium, you can also use thinner profiles which offer wider sightlines – meaning you get to enjoy coloured windows that you can see more of the outside world from.


While adding coloured uPVC to your home may be a good choice to increase thermal efficiency if you don’t already have a good window frame in place, it is otherwise not a great choice for adding value to your home. uPVC is the ‘standard’ for windows these days, so adding value requires investing in a longer-lasting solution such as aluminium.


Coloured uPVC windows can help you match a building’s design scheme – but they can’t help when you’re trying to replicate the original characteristics of a period property. Aluminium windows can be crafted to complement heritage properties, and can be suitable for use on Grade I and Grade II listed buildings.

With a wide range of RAL colours available to choose from, invest in aluminium windows and enjoy a superior solution compared to uPVC. Contact us today to discuss our coloured aluminium windows.