The Most Effective Ways to Add Natural Light to Your Home

Interior Dining Room With Patio Doors and Skylight

One of the main reasons to add natural light to a room is to make the space look bigger. When natural light is reflected around the space, it automatically gives the appearance of a larger room. Natural light is also a good start for a happy and healthy home. The constant presence of electrical light without any sunlight can sometimes make a home feel cramped and claustrophobic and some natural light will go a long way to make you feel happier in your home.

So, what’s the most effective way to add natural light to your home? Our first tip is larger windows in your main living space. The Heritage Window Company can make bespoke windows to a specification of your choice. We will help you every step of the way, advising on design and sending out our team of trained fitters to finish off the job. Our range of Conservation aluminium windows offer maximum light transmission, perfect for a new living room or dining room you want to illuminate with sunlight.

Another great way to add natural light to your home is with a roof lantern. The Heritage Window Company creates roof lanterns built to client specification. Our experts will measure up and design your sky lantern, so it optimises the available space, allowing as much light as possible into the room. Sky lanterns are perfect for living spaces such as combined kitchen and dining rooms, as they create such a welcoming atmosphere. Our sky lanterns have slimline profiles, and no crossbars are needed for support. This gives your space the maximum light transmission available, creating an open and airy looking space.

One thing to consider is which rooms you would like the most natural light in. Living rooms are probably the most popular option as it makes them feel larger and creates a nice atmosphere for relaxing. Some people prefer a lot of natural light in their bedroom, either to wake up to or for relaxing mornings in bed. However, if you’re not a heavy sleeper and light can affect your ability to sleep but still want a lot of natural light in when you do wake up, then blackout blinds are a great investment. Kitchens are a popular room choice for clients choosing sky lanterns, as they love making breakfast with natural sunlight streaming in!

If you want more natural light in your home but don’t know where to start, get in touch with the experts at The Heritage Window Company. We can advise the best options for your home and create bespoke windows or sky lanterns for your home.