Restoration Man – Pumping House Windows

Exterior View of Black Arch Windows on Redbrick Building

Steven Crame and Marina Bacchelli bought an old Pump House in Berkshire with the plan of turning a now derelict building into a family home. Not only was this ambitious project the couples first renovation, but it was also their first home together. To make the whole thing even more exciting, the couple learnt they were expecting their first child during works!

The building featured wonderful curved top windows, but the steel frames installed in the 1930’s were badly damaged and could only house single pane glazing which by today’s standards just isn’t secure or warm enough for a modern home. The couple contacted Heritage searching for a like for like replacement which would keep in tone with the building’s industrial look whilst providing security and warmth that the family required.

Workmen Wearing Hi-Vis Carrying a Window Frame

As Steven and George look back at the installed windows during the show, George comments “They are beautiful, absolutely beautiful windows” with Steven replying “Yes, they look really good!”. With the finished look perfectly replicating the original steel frames, they really do add to the WOW element of the whole finished property.

The space was vast and completely uninterrupted but the vision needed to turn that open space into now what is a modern and welcoming home should be commended – and Heritage were pleased to help keep original features and style throughout with the new replacement windows. Steven and Marina done a great job of managing the build whilst still running the day to day on their own Air Conditioning Company, ProtoCool

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