Last Chance to Buy Original Benenden Windows

The wood and steel replacement window was one of the very first windows we manufactured and has been installed in over 6000 homes throughout the UK, some even exported overseas for very particular clients. Split into 4 different series, the Benenden Aluminium Windows are:

  • Benenden Series 1 – Accurately replicate the look of your original metal windows.
  • Benenden Series 2 – For use when security is paramount.
  • Benenden Series 3 – For direct fix applications to brick and stone, or when replacing Timber windows.
  • Benenden Series 4 – Specified when additional rigidity or structural integrity is required.

If you are looking to exact match you existing windows from Heritage, now is the time to do it. You can call our head office on 0800 840 1508 who will then arrange an appointment with your local showroom, or contact us here.

We are offering 10% Off all Benenden Windows* ordered in July and we are able to match colour, style, size and ironmongery on any previous windows you may have installed. Whether it be for that one window out of reach, or the garage – we can help find the right window for you.

*Please note that the 10% discount can only be applied to quotes and orders created during July 2017 and not on any existing orders or quotations.