How Can Window Design Influence Your Interiors

Curved Windows

Let’s start with curved windows!

This fun type of window is incredibly unusual, but very beautiful. It works perfectly if you are looking to create an art deco aesthetic in your home or building, a style which embraces rich colours, bold geometry and decadent detail work.

With curved windows, add a little Great Gatsby into your property.

Picture Windows

If you aren’t sure what picture windows are, they are ones which exist purely to capture a view and bring light into a room, as they do not open.

These windows work well if you are looking to frame the countryside, bringing the outside into your room as a piece of fluid artwork

Shaped Windows

For an interior which is a little quirkier, shaped windows look fantastic. They themselves, become a decorative element as well as being functional.

The Heritage Window Company can make shaped windows in almost any shape, including circles, triangles and even oblong and uneven shapes. This means that you can use your imagination, to create any interior which suits you!

Sash Windows

Now for something a little more classic! Sash windows are very traditional, perfect if you are restoring a Victorian or Georgian building, or if you want to recreate a Victorian or Georgian style in a modern building.

You could also have this type of window installed if you are going with a modern interior but fancy a little touch of classic grandeur.

Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns, or Roof Lanterns, sit in the ceiling of your building, bringing a great deal of natural light into your space.

If you want an interior aesthetic that is open, clean and modern, consider a sky lantern to truly finish it off nicely.

Bay Windows

The humble bay window is one of the most popular styles of window. And this is for good reason! Bay windows add elegance to a room, effortlessly complementing grand, luxurious interior design.

When combined with opulent colours and furnishings, bay windows can have your home looking both glamourous and graceful.

At the Heritage Window Company, you can have any sort of window in any kind of colour, due to our bespoke window services. This means that no matter your interior, we can help you come up with the perfect window solution.