Glass Walls? The Benefits of Internal Glass Dividers


A glass partition used to divide a room is perfect for keeping the spaces separate, without losing any light. Allowing more light into your space will automatically make it look larger and give it a fresh and spacious look. Glass partitions look particularly good when paired with white or pale coloured walls. The room will look brighter and feel roomier. Allowing light into an office or living space is so important, as it gives a cleaner and much more natural feeling atmosphere.


Not only do they provide great functionality, but our internal glass dividers also provide aesthetic benefit to the room. The classic style of the framed glass panes is perfect for the interior design scheme of any home. The Heritage Window Company’s glass dividers would fit with both a traditional or a more modern style of home.The simple design of the dividers makes them perfect for any room. They would be suitable in either an office or a home environment, creating a stylish and comfortable environment.


The best thing about the Heritage Window Company’s internal glass dividers is that they can be designed bespoke to fit your needs. Each partition is made to order to suit your measurements and needs. The design features of the dividers can also be altered, as you can choose the colour and material of your frames. It’s also possible to pick the type of glass which would best suit your room: clear, decorative or obscure. Your glass dividers can be tailored to suit your needs and requests, meaning they’ll fit seamlessly into your space.


One final benefit of the glass internal dividers is warmth. Your panels can either be single or double glazed. This can provide an extra layer of warmth in the room, which is always a benefit. As well as feeling physically warmer, dividers in a room can create a cosier atmosphere which makes the room more pleasant to be in.

The Heritage Window Company’s internal glass dividers are an excellent interior design choice for your space. Our bespoke design and excellent customer service can give you a smooth experience from start to finish.