Bringing the Outside In: How to Add Plants to Your Home

Frame Your Windows

Larger windows can benefit from plants at either side, helping to frame even the dullest of views and add instant life into a room. Alternatively, you can get your green fingers going and install a window box for plants that thrive in fresh air, giving the impression of a miniature indoor garden.

Fill a Corner

If you have corners in your home where there’s not much going on, fill them with larger plants that thrive in darker areas, closer to the ground. Plants such as dracaena, bromeliad and philodendron are great for those of us who can often fall short of giving plants enough attention and will be perfect residents for your corner plant sanctuary.

Embrace Quirky DIY Pots

What could be better than planting your succulents in a quirky pot that you’ve made with your own hands? Jump aboard the ceramics trend and craft a pot that will come to mean something to you, whether you want to keep things simple or think outside of the box.

Play With Height

Arranging your plants at different heights is one way to create the illusion of space, especially in smaller rooms. Small succulents and miniature cacti can make an interesting assemblage, especially if you’re mixing plants with different leaves and textures in a cohesive colour palette. On the other hand, long, hanging plants placed on a high shelf will make your room memorable.

Something Striking In A Neutral Space

In the bedroom, consider switching your bedside lamp with a green leafy fern to bring a sense of life into an otherwise minimal room. Ensure that your plant gets enough natural light and you’ll benefit from improved air quality and an overall sense of wellbeing.