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What are Aluminium Casement Windows?

What are aluminium casement windows? Aluminium casement windows are aluminium windows that open via hinges. These windows are usually side hung on hinges, and often open outwards in a pair.

Are Aluminium Windows any Good?

Are aluminium windows really any good? Do they offer any advantages compared to other types of window? Read on to find out more.

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Choosing the Best Aluminium Windows for Your Property

Aluminium windows offer a great choice for a variety of homes and properties. But with a range of building styles and traits, which kind of aluminium windows should you choose for your specific needs?

Can You Paint Aluminium Window Frames?

Can you Paint Aluminium Window Frames? As long as the surface is prepared beforehand, aluminium window frames can be painted successfully with a long-lasting finish. This can be done in any colour of your choosing.

Increasing Energy Efficiency with Aluminium Double Glazing

Around 30% of heat loss in homes and properties is lost through windows and doors. Poor window insulation can cause a variety of problems, from losing money in large heating bills to increasing your environmental footprint. Aluminium double glazed windows can increase energy efficiency by 75%, bringing huge benefits to your property.

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Why Aluminium Windows Offer the Best Cost Effectiveness

Why aluminium windows can provide the best cost-effectiveness Although materials such as wood or iron have been used in the past for window frames, today’s materials have advanced. The aluminium we use for our window frames is not only durable and fitted to keep heat in, it also offers fantastic cost-effectiveness. Beyond the initial highly competitive pricing […]