Are Aluminium Windows any Good?

Increased durability

An advantage of aluminium windows is their excellent durability. Whilst uPVC windows are a popular option, they degrade quickly and can need replacing after only 20 years of use. Our aluminium windows can offer more than double this life expectancy, a major advantage over other types of windows. Scratch-resistant and offering excellent security, their durability is a compelling reason to choose aluminium windows over other window varieties.

Improved insulation

All our aluminium windows are equipped with efficient double glazing and have been crafted with thermal efficiency in mind. All our windows have A rated energy efficiency, allowing for optimum insulation in your home or property.

More environmentally friendly

We’re proud to be thinking of the long-term effects our windows will have on the planet. For this reason, all of the aluminium used in our products is 100% recyclable, ensuring our windows do not end up in landfill when they are eventually replaced. In addition, our manufacturing facilities are located in the UK, so our aluminium windows save precious environmental resources by reducing the fuel used during transportation.

Can be tailored to a variety of properties

Our aluminium windows can be fitted and modified to suit a wide range of properties. For modern homes and building, our aluminium windows can provide a clean design that is also highly practical. For older buildings, we manufacture feature profiles designed to replicate traditional steel windows, with a team that specialises in fitting windows to older properties. To do this, we match the colours and style of the building when creating the window to ensure seamless integration. Because of this flexibility of application, our aluminium windows can be fitted to almost any kind of property.

What we think

With fantastic durability, environmentally friendly materials and A rated energy efficiency, our aluminium windows can be fitted to almost any kind of property whilst maintaining the character of the building. We believe these key advantages place our windows ahead of any other manufacturer or window variety.

To find out more about how our aluminium windows could be used in your home, call us on 0800 840 1508.