Top Tips for Cleaning Curved or Shaped Windows

Here are a few of our top tips for cleaning curved or shaped windows successfully:

1)     Use the Correct Cleaning Products

The market for cleaning products is vast and can quite be overwhelming. When choosing which products to use for your windows, it is best to select something gentle. Although aluminium frames are much more durable than PVC alternatives, it is still best practice to use products that are not too harsh on the window.

For the glass, you really want to avoid streaks – because of the shape of curved windows, streaks are much more likely to occur in the cleaning process. Soap and water simply won’t suffice when cleaning these windows, so look out for products that are gentle and definitely streak-free.

2)     Use the Correct Cleaning Tools

Whichever towel, rag or hanky you were planning on using for your curved or shaped windows – leave it in the cupboard! Using the proper cleaning tools for unusually-shaped windows is vital. Aside from the fact that rags and towels simply move dirt around the windows rather than lifting it from the surface, they also create a kind of static charge that actually attracts more dirt and dust to the window.

We recommend using a tool called a ‘squeegee’ – you can buy squeegees in most supermarkets or wholesalers and they truly are a blessing when washing windows that are curved, shaped or arched. Many squeegees include an angled head that is perfect for reaching into difficult arches, curves and corners. You can also purchase extension poles that your squeegee fit easily onto – you’ll never have to worry about reaching every inch of your windows again.

3)     Use the Correct Cleaning Techniques

Thankfully, squeegee heads can manoeuvre and change position, allowing you to select the position that best suits the shape of your windows. The ‘fanning’ method is particularly effective for cleaning arched windows and squeegees allow you to do this i.e. move the cleaning tool back and forth in one continuous method. This is believed to be the best way to clean any type of window without leaving streaks!

Start by cleaning the aluminium frame: remove debris and wash the frame with a gentle solution. Ensure to only start cleaning the glass with the fanning method once the frame is dry – no scrubbing necessary!

4)     Ensure You Keep the Outside Windows Clean

It is generally recommended that you clean the outside of your windows twice a year. This can be a pain and seem like a lot of extra effort but if you simply employ the right cleaning procedure, using the right materials, you really won’t have to clean the outside of your windows anymore than is necessary.

In a similar manner to cleaning the inside of your windows, remove all existing debris from the window first, and wash the frame. Once the frame is dry, you can get started on cleaning the glass using a squeegee. It’s as easy as that!

When the time comes around again to clean your curved or shaped windows, don’t go to the trouble of hiring a professional cleaner when you can take on the task yourself with ease, simply by following our top tips! If you’re looking to purchase quality aluminium windows for your home, visit The Heritage Window Company website and browse our range.