The Benefits Of Large Feature Windows

This was not always the case. Once, windows were simply openings in buildings designed to admit light to a property. The roman empire began using glass in their windows, but these were typically opaque. Eventually, glass became clear enough to see through. However, large feature windows were reserved for the wealthy – as more glass and intricate design meant higher costs.

The industrial revolution transformed window-making, giving rise to low cost, high strength and efficiency materials such as aluminium and steel. These materials, coupled with the invention of glazing and insulation, transformed the availability of intricate window designs.

Now, a modern homeowner can enjoy a large feature window that does not compromise on energy efficiency, whilst providing a number of benefits:

Maximised natural light

The more natural light let into a home, the better. Not only does light create the illusion of space and size, making your home feel larger, it also has a positive effect on mood. Feature windows that let in as much light as possible can take many forms depending on the intended room – from a large bay window with slim sightlines to a full floor-to-ceiling window.

Solar Gain

Larger windows can help make a home feel warmer in summer, maximising the amount of light that gets into your home and therefore warming it naturally via solar gain.

Design Appeal

A large feature window is an eye-catching, visually stunning addition to a home. For homeowners, they present as wide a view as possible from inside the home. From the exterior, good feature windows can be transformative – elevating a home from a normal suburban property to a true standout that will draw appreciative glances or even buying interest.

Energy Efficiency

Once, larger windows meant less energy efficiency as they were more likely to let heat escape or cold enter the building. Thanks to double glazing, this is a non-issue and your large feature window can instead actually enhance the energy efficiency of your home.

With over 200 different colour options, a wide variety of glass patterns and energy-efficient aluminium frames, choose The Heritage Window Company to outfit your building with a large feature window. To create a truly eye-catching window, get in touch with us for a quote today.