Upgrade to Triple Glazing Windows

At a time when energy prices are on the rise, triple glazing is far superior in its thermal efficiency performance than any other standard glazing option. Not only that, triple glazing offers noise reduction and the extra window pane within the design makes the window even more secure.

Triple glazing represents the latest that the industry can offer. Not only is it 60% more thermally efficient than standard C-rated double glazed windows, it is also 40% more efficient than standard A-rated double glazed windows.

Their thermal efficiency has meant triple glazed windows have been used in cooler climates in likes of Canada and Scandinavia for decades. Though we may not experience the same severe weather conditions, our winters can be harsh and rising energy prices are showing no signs of slowing up.

As well as the superior product, you will also get the full Heritage Experience with bespoke products, manufactured in the UK and installed directly by employed craftsmen.