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Slimline Aluminium Windows

Slimline aluminium windows are the perfect replacement for typical uPVC frames, especially for older properties in need of renovation.

Slimline aluminium windows are the perfect replacement for typical uPVC frames, especially for older properties in need of renovation.

We offer the slimmest frames for maximum viewing potential, letting more of the outside world into your home. They have high tensile strength, making them more durable, with superior security, thermal control, noise reduction and energy efficiency.

Your windows should look as good as they perform, which is why we engineer our aluminium windows in the UK to the highest standard.


Why choose Heritage Windows?

Hassle-free installation

From consultation to installation, we are with you every step of the way to create and install your dream windows.

Installation is fast and completed by our trusted in-house team of experts, making sure we have complete control of the process from start to finish.

Our team will deliver directly to your site and install them within 13 weeks of you placing your deposit.

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The Heritage Windows guarantee

We’re proud to be a UK manufacturer, engineering and designing all of our products in-house. We trust in the quality of our products, which is why we offer all customers a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee.

After your deposit is paid, we protect and register it with the Independent Warranty Association (IWA) for peace of mind. Once your project is complete, the IWA will be informed and FENSA will issue your 10-year guarantee certificate.

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Quality assurance

Quality of service and quality of product is important to us, which is why all windows are fully compliant with the UK’s high-standard legislation, having been built onsite for over 30 years, ensuring quality. Our UK legislation-compliant windows follow the highest safety standards. They align with design and material usage guidelines to ensure your windows are of the highest quality. Compliant airflow control prevents draughts and our installations are to the highest standards.

All our UK-made windows are available with double and triple-glazing options, perfect for extra soundproofing and retaining more heat in your home – saving you money on energy bills and complying with the highest levels of UK legislation. Our talented team of engineers has spent years perfecting the craft of fine slimline aluminium windows, making our UK-made products durable, weather-resistant and efficient in noise cancellation and thermal control.

Our hands-on approach to manufacturing and installation means that we are there every step of the way to make sure your windows and property are treated with the highest level of care. Slimline aluminium windows can be paired with our range of ancillaries, which come in over 200 RAL colour options so that you can make your home truly unique. From bespoke door handles to locks, hinges and peg stays, we can make your home as cohesive as it is beautiful.

The benefits of slimline aluminium windows

The benefits of slimline aluminium windows go beyond kerb appeal, granting a host of advantages over uPVC that cover everything from energy efficiency to security. Aluminium slimline windows are much thinner and much more durable than uPVC, meaning you get all the benefits of a larger viewing area with the added resistance to weather conditions.

Our windows are secure and PAS24-rated, with a modern multipoint locking system for peace of mind. Aluminium slimline windows come in double and triple-glazing options, keeping your home warmer for longer.

Versatile frame options

Our frames come with a range of complimentary ancillary options, such as colour-matched door handles that fit the aesthetic of your windows and property.

Made in-house, our frames come in many different styles, from shaped to sash, curved and our Benenden Conservation Slimline range.

Let us know if you have any particular frame style in mind or if you’re unsure which would best suit your home. We can design top-hung, tilt and turn and fixed-style windows that perfectly fit the shape of your home.

Customisable design

Fully customisable, our windows have 200 RAL colour options to choose from, our own complimentary ancillaries and bespoke design alterations and configurations.

Combine these different options in a way that caters to your dream project, such as deep blacks for an art-deco period property restoration or brighter colours for a modern twist.

Superior glazing

Once you’ve decided on your frames, choose either double or upgrade to triple-energy-efficient glazing options for superior thermal control, thickness, solar control and noise insulation.

Thanks to their thin profile, our frames reduce condensation build-up compared to typical uPVC windows – helping to keep your home warmer.

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