Preparing Your Windows for Summer Heat

You may not think that your windows require any preparation for the warmer, drier season. However, failing to do so can lead a decrease in energy efficiency (and therefore sky-high energy bills), a decrease in the lifespan of your windows, and a lack of security in your property.

Check for Moisture Build-up

If you live in the UK, you can expect to encounter precipitation, regardless of the season. Over time, and if not remedied, this can cause leaks that will eventually turn into mold around your windows. Understandably, this is never a good thing so it’s important to regularly examine your windows for any signs of leakage.

The dry summer weather provides you with a good opportunity to check outside sources of leaks such as drain pipes that could be causing moisture to enter the home.

Weather Stripping and Window Caulking

Weather stripping is an airtight material that is placed between the window sash and pane. While this is made from durable materials, it is unavoidable that over time weather can cause it to deteriorate and if this is not checked, you may find that your windows will start to leak.

Similarly, insufficient window caulking can result in higher energy costs, due to hot and cold air entering your home. It is recommended that this is checked on a yearly basis and repaired quickly if any problems are found.

Increase Insulation with Stylish Shutters

It may seem counterintuitive to insulate your home during the summer. Why would you want to keep heat inside during these warmer days and nights? The fact is, the better insulated your home is, the less conditioned air it will leak. Interior wood shutters can block light from a room, reducing heat gain by up to 45%.

Further advice is to keep your windows and doors closed during the day and open them up as the temperature drops. This way, you won’t be creating a counterproductive greenhouse effect that will only make your home stuffy and uncomfortable to be in.

Upgrade to Aluminium

After all of that maintenance, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your windows to something more energy efficient. But what qualities do the best windows have? Along with being strong and durable, aluminium windows have a great deal of thermal efficiency. Thermal performance is improved via unique polyamide thermal break designs that includes material between the window that conducts less heat than the aluminium. With heat having less of a chance to escape, your energy bills will remain low.

The same goes for warmer summer months, where aluminium windows will prevent the heat energy from outdoors transferring to inside the home.

At the Heritage Window Company, our range of aluminium windows can ensure that your home remains thermally efficient all year round. To preserve the beauty of your property, we have created our widows to fit directly into existing timber subframes, or direct to brick or stone, with dimensions that replicate traditional steel windows whilst ensuring the security and efficiency of double glazing.