Art Deco Style: How to Achieve It in Your Home

If you’re a big fan of the stylized and streamlined look of the art deco style, it’s really easy to recreate in your own home. Whether you’re doing a full renovation or just a simple redecoration, you can add simple touches in the structure or decoration of your home that will evoke this classic time period.

One of the most famous examples of art deco style in architecture is the Chrysler Building in New York City. Crowned with several arches featuring geometric triangle windows, it is instantly recognisable and has become an icon in the architecture world, and life in general. You can evoke the feeling of this majestic building in your home, with some customised aluminium windows from the Heritage Window Company. We can create windows with arched tops, which have the same stately appearance as the Chrysler. The Heritage Window Company can make bespoke windows to any specification or shape, including triangle. Triangular windows would give a really strong art deco theme to your home, whilst still keeping it looking contemporary and stylish.

You can use other parts of your home to create an art deco style, like your colour scheme. Art deco design is usually fairly monochrome so stick to black, white and greys to get the authentic look. However, accents of gold, silver and bronze are common, particularly in geometric patterns, to give the really opulent feel to the space.

The furniture you pick out for your home is also a really good way to carry on the 1920s theme. Vintage fairs and auction rooms are always a great place to find stunning period pieces that will contribute to the art deco style. A good focus piece of an art deco room is a large vintage mirror, preferable with geometric shape or decoration. Otherwise, a lot of contemporary furniture design a harking back to this period, so it’s still very easy to find new furniture in the style if you’re not a fan of antiques.

Here at The Heritage Window Company, we love the art deco style and think it has a timeless charm. Have a look at our gallery for photos of art deco style homes you can use for inspiration in your new build or renovation.