Who Makes the Best Windows for Heritage Homes?


Replicating steel

Our aluminium windows have been designed for heritage properties, with profiles designed to replicate the original steel windows of heritage homes. We’ve designed the texture and style of our windows to match the look of steel, whilst maintaining all the advantages of aluminium such as its lightweight frame and less expensive pricing.

Bespoke colour options

The original colours of heritage properties form an important part of their character and style. We take particular care in reproducing the colour schemes of these windows to maintain the original character of your property, and our team of experts can advise on specific colour choices. We take great pride in our consultative approach that makes sure the result of our work is a window you are completely satisfied with.

Bespoke shapes and sizes

We customise the shape and size of your windows to match the originals in every way possible. We can build our windows to fit into existing timber sub-frames or directly into brick or stone, manufacturing your windows to the exact specification required. Or if your heritage property contains unusually shaped windows or curved windows, we can produce windows to almost any shape specification.

Slimline frames

To allow the maximum amount of light into your property, our windows are made using slim profiles that preserve and enhance the beauty of your heritage property.

Modern thermal efficiency

Our windows may provide traditional looks for heritage homes, but they take advantage of modern advancements in thermal insulation, with double glazing and triple glazing options available. Our double glazing options can increase thermal efficiency by around 75% when compared to single glazing, whilst triple glazing improves this figure even further.


If your heritage property requires new windows, we truly believe that we are the superior choice in providing heritage windows for these reasons. To find out more about the windows we can provide for your heritage property, view the options on our website or call us today on 0800 840 1508.