What is Better: Aluminium or uPVC Windows?

Longevity of Use

Whilst many uPVC windows last only 20 years before they degrade to the point of needing to be replaced, aluminium windows can last more than 45 years before they show significant signs of wear and tear. Replacing your windows can be disruptive, costly and a hassle to day-to-day life, so avoiding replacing your windows sooner than necessary is a big advantage when purchasing aluminium windows.

Environmental Friendliness

When your aluminium windows are eventually replaced, they won’t end up in landfill like uPVC frames. Our aluminium is 100% recyclable, saving precious resources in the future and giving you ease of mind that you’re having the minimum possible impact on the planet.


Our windowsare designed to complement your home, with beautiful and minimal designs. Our slimline frames allow the maximum possible light into your home, creating a more open feeling to your rooms. We can also customise your aluminium windows with different shapes and colour options. Meanwhile, uPVC window frames are cheap looking and dent easily, providing the inferior option for aesthetics.

What About Energy Efficiency and Cost?

Whilst there are many advantages to aluminium windows, energy efficiency and cost are two considerations which are often brought up in favour of uPVC windows. However, whilst uPVC windows do indeed offer good insulation, our aluminium windows are optimally designed and crafted using our extensive knowledge, and therefore have A rated energy efficiency. When considering the cost of your windows, uPVC may seem like the cheaper choice, however it’s worth taking into account that they will also degrade quicker than aluminium windows. Replacing your windows costs both time and money, so if you plan on staying on your property for a while it may be worth going for aluminium window frames to reduce long term cost.

What we Offer

We offer aluminium windows because we believe they are the superior material choice in quality windows. Our windows are offered in a wide variety of options in order to complement your needs, from traditional windows that replicate original steel frames to modern windows that incorporate minimal profiles into their design to optimise light levels in your home. Have any questions about what we can offer? Call us today on 0800 840 1508.