The Best Aluminium Windows For Your Property Type

The benefits of Aluminium

Aluminium windows provide a great range of unique benefits to homes. However, not all of these benefits will appeal to you. What’s important is to recognise which core benefits apply to your project and how best to implement them.

  • Lightweightedness

Aluminium is a lightweight material, which makes it very versatile for use in your home. It offers high tensile strength and durability despite its weight, meaning you can use more glass without risk of cracking or warping. The strength that aluminium windows offer also makes them a more secure solution.

  • Resilience

Aluminium is resistant to warping, corrosion and flexing – so as mentioned above it makes the ideal window frame material as it ensures a long service life. This resilience also means that despite higher initial costs compared to uPVC, you benefit from longevity and cost-efficiency over a longer timescale.

  • Sustainability

Aluminium is 100% recyclable, which makes it the perfect choice for eco-conscious homes. It is a thermally-efficient material, so you can keep your energy bills down at the same time as being environmentally friendly.

  • Low maintenance

Aluminium is virtually maintenance-free, which makes it an ideal material for use in your home – especially in larger, heritage properties where window maintenance would require significant effort.

  • Accessories

The locks, handles and general hardware used in aluminium window frames are of high quality, which not only maintains the new aesthetic of your chosen window but also adds a layer of additional security.

Aluminium for homes with bay windows

Many older properties feature bay windows. These large windows are the centrepieces of your home, and as such they should allow in plenty of light. Slimline aluminium windows, with their sleek frames, are the perfect choice for homes that feature large bay windows. With aluminium, you can reduce the amount of space taken up by frames and instead permit in as much light as possible.

Aluminium for art-deco homes with curved or shaped windows

Many properties have unusual windows – including those that curved around the building’s edge. While this is more common in commercial premises, many art-deco themed homes also have these unique curved windows. When choosing the best windows for art-deco homes, Aluminium is the perfect choice, where its high flexibility means we can shape aluminium to meet all requirements.

Aluminium windows for Tudor and heritage homes

If you have a Tudor style property, you will want to protect the original character of your home. These beautiful, historic buildings feature a very distinct style – and as such you need a modern window material that can offer you the benefits of new technology whilst also maintaining the original character of your home. Aluminium is the perfect choice for heritage homes, offering unrivalled thermal performance whilst also conforming to the properties of original steel windows. These benefits apply to Georgian and Victorian homes too.

Choosing windows for modern homes

Modern homes are typically far more flexible in their material allowances and in their styles. Depending on the developers, you may have a home with uPVC, timber or steel windows. Thankfully, it’s this wide variety of materials and styles that means aluminium is the perfect fit.

Thanks to the benefits we mentioned earlier, you can use aluminium as a way to upgrade your home’s windows and fit into almost any aesthetic. Whether you have a modern minimalist home or a 90’s new build, aluminium windows can be created to match any of these styles. Choose aluminium to improve thermal efficiency, cut down on environmental waste, improve security and most importantly, increase the amount of light.

Aluminium for property investment

If you’re upgrading your home and looking to add value, aluminium window frames and even doors can add to your home. By increasing thermal efficiency, upping security and allowing you to maintain the original character of a traditional building, aluminium gives developers and landlords alike the ability to add value efficiently. Choose aluminium windows for renovation, especially when dealing with a traditional home where you may be limited in your options for altering the property.

Aluminium windows for your glass type

There are a wide variety of glazing options available in this modern age, from traditional double glazed through to older single and newer triple glazing. In addition, some homes also require patterned glass, leaded glass and stained glass. Aluminium window frames with their strength and flexibility can house, and match, almost any style of glass.

The best aluminium window colour choices

Aluminium windows all share the same benefits, but how they apply most directly to your property type largely depends on what you actually want from a window. Where customisation becomes key is in the wide variety of colour choices available for your home. For older Tudor style homes, which feature black banding on the exterior, you may choose to have black window frames to match the style. Alternatively, more modern properties may experiment with less standard colours.

Aluminium windows allow you to select from over 200 RAL colours, so the choice is entirely down to you. Whatever your property type, you can choose a window design that complements it perfectly by selecting aluminium frames. All of our finishes are powder-coated to ensure longevity, meaning they won’t discolour over time.

Choose the best aluminium windows for your home

Whatever property type you own, we want to show you just why aluminium window frames are the perfect choice. By reading this article you’ve discovered the main benefits aluminium offers, but by contacting us today we can discuss your specific requirements and show you how our windows are the perfect way to add value to your property.