Why Aluminium Windows?

When choosing new or replacement windows for your property, one of the first things you should look at is the materials you’re going to use. Aluminium has inherent strength, durability and strong aesthetic values which often makes it the discerning choice for replacement and quality performance windows and door solutions.

Aluminium to replicate original

If you’re the proud owner of a period style property, it’s likely that your original windows and doors were made out of steel.  These window or doors will be underperforming when it comes to energy bills and preventing heat loss. Aluminium windows are the perfect replacement for your original windows as they allow you to keep the original look of your property, whilst offering all the benefits of modern glazed windows.

Aluminium is strong

Aluminium is much stronger than other materials, such as uPVC, which means the frames can be made slimmer.  This allows extra space for glass and therefore allows more light into your home.  It also means that aluminium windows can support more weight giving you greater flexibility with window usage.

Aluminium lasts longer

Aluminium has a longer life span when compared to uPVC.  Replacing the windows in your property is not something you want to carry out regularly so having a material that provides more return on investment is paramount.

Lasting colour and environmentally friendly

Aluminium windows can be supplied in single or dual RAL colour polyester powder coated finish which won’t discolour or rust giving long-lasting aesthetics which doesn’t need regular maintenance. Aluminium can also be recycled which means that it’s far more environmentally friendly when compared to other materials. Click here for more information on how we have developed our production and installation practices to help preserve the environment.