Choosing the Best Aluminium Windows for Your Property

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Choosing a window based on the age of your property

When choosing windows, it’s important to take into consideration the age of your property. With older properties, our aluminium windows can be tailored and painted to match the original character of your home, replicating the look of steel but with modern materials and higher quality. Our team of experts can work with you to determine the best approach for maintaining the original traits and features of your home, whilst bringing modern innovations and security to your windows. Our range of windows, from sash windows to our conservation windows range, can be adapted to suit your property and your individual needs. As for newer properties, our aluminium windows can also offer a bright and modern look that blends in with your home and offers a clean aesthetic to match the space around it. Lighter and cooler paint colours such as white and, light grey and light blue work well here.

Speciality windows for Art Deco

Some buildings include unique features that require windows to be created specifically for that building. When distinctive shapes, curves and framework are required, our in-house manufacturing facility allows us to alter our windows to almost any shape, including circles, triangles and even uneven or oblong shapes. These curved and unusually shaped windows are particularly popular with those creating or renovating an art deco style property and can be colour matched to suit requirements. If you’re looking for speciality windows, we offer competitive pricing, short lead times and bespoke service.

Allowing more light

If you need more light in your property, our aluminium windows feature a slimline design that allows in the maximum amount of light. The strength of aluminium, combined with our excellent engineering, allows a slim frame that makes the room lighter. Particularly for modern buildings, allowing in daylight will brighten up the area and help create the feeling of a room being open and spacious. Even in older properties, adding in more natural light will help show off your home and appreciate views from the window.

If you want advice or assistance in choosing aluminium windows for your property, call us today on 0800 840 1508.